Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Perfect Image

Watched film 2008 this week which featured an interesting report on the marketing and design behind the movie poster. It explored questions like what makes an iconic image and the impact it must have on a potential audience.

The movie poster is vitally important in marketing a movie successfully, its a first impression that has to resonate with us on some level. We have all at some time seen a poster for a film that
we know nothing about but are drawn instantly to it, wanting to see it solely due to that image. I know I have felt that several times like when I first saw the poster for Trainspotting or Pulp Fiction and Lost In Translation to name but a few.Intoxicating images that spring to live upon viewing, you instantly want to know more. I also believe that some movie posters are just incredible images, often containing ground breaking design and photography. So much so that they are worthy of a space on any gallery wall.

So what are your top ten movie posters of all time? Please feel free to leave your comments on this one!

Here are a few o
f my favorites.


Nick said...

Ya know what scalds my cones? The lack of 'painted' or handmade movie posters these days, and the way they've been replaced by photos, or even worse, bad photoshop jobbies. the Lord of The Rings series of posters were ripe for some lovely artistry, but they're just some cut, paste and filter wankery. and check out the two teaser images for this year's 'The Dark Knight'. I'm too lazy to link right now, but they feature Batman or The Joker pritt-sticked onto a background with a completely different perspective to that of the characters.

Anyway, Saul Bass' Hitchcock posters smell of win. I'd happily accept a book of his stuff as a gift.

Be back another time with me poster list.


pauliej said...

Some fine points my friend. The pritt stick has alot to answer for! Looking forward to seeing what posters made the nick list.

Wayne said...

Doesn't get much better than Polish posters:

Unique style, and the most interesting ones are posters for well-known films – compare the familiar and heavily-appropriated Star Wars posters that we all know with the versions on this site.

When did you two start calling films 'movies'? I'll let you back to your lunch of links, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Mountain Dew.

pauliej said...

cheers for that wayne, nice stuff on the polish poster site. ah well back to my mountain dew...