Thursday, February 21, 2008

1000 Journals Project

This month I made the effort to go to the Berlin Film Festival or Berlinale as its more widely know. I was only in Berlin for the first four days of the festival and managed to secure tickets for four films, three of which were excellent and one being a stinker of the highest caliber! One of the finer pieces of work I enjoyed there was a documentary called 1000 Journals. A project conceived by graphic designer Someguy who sent one thousand blank journals into the world in hope of reigniting the dormant creativity within us all. Only one was returned completed to him and so began the arduous task of tracking down the remaining 999 elusive journals.

Below are two excerpts from the documentary which will expl
ain in more detail.

After the screening, director
Andrea Kreuzhage fielded a few questions from the inquisitive audience, which was a welcome insight into the di
fficulty involved in tracking down the missing journals. She also mentioned that a DVD release is to be expected so when it is released go and track it down. Personally I thought the concept was more interesting than the actual movie but an excellent piece of documentary film making none the less.

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