Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dont Thank The Academy

Ok so the Oscars have been and gone, a few surprises and a few certainties...same as usual. Nice to see the Coens getting a few awards, a sensible decision I think. Couldn't bring myself to watch the ceremony, its interminable. The highlights were more than enough for my attention span. I cant say I really enjoy the Oscars, it has over the years mutated into a bastardized pig child of its former self, highlighting all the nonsense and decadence that is Hollywood. Obsession over red carpet etiquette and glamor has overshadowed what is really supposed to be happening and that is a celebration of film. Its a chance to recognize talent and invention. A win at the Oscars is to some the ultimate achievement within the industry, a career high and a place among the elite. Thankfully to others its just another ceremony and not the only reason in the world to make movies.


Nick said...

Say what you want about the other bits of the film, but Transformers shoulda won for effects and sound! The Golden Compass plastic polar bears won?! I'd do better on me Amiga.

You're just raging Outspan won one.


pauliej said...

Good call, Transformers deserved it alright, those were some convincing robots!